Annual Family Reunion

A reunion is held each year on the third weekend of September in Hunterdon County. The location chosen is in the vicinity of where the Apgar family first settled. The program for the reunion is developed by the trustees along with whatever members are interested in lending a helping hand, keeping in mind the mission of the Association.

Why come to the Reunion?

An important aspect of reunions, is that it substantiates one’s identity. The correlation of identity and its effect on self-esteem can not be over emphasized. As one hears the achievements, struggles and courage of past family members it instills a since of pride that allows the next generation to give to the world their special talents.

Let your family experience the fun of meeting old friends, new cousins and members of our extended family; descendants of the original Apgars who came to Hunterdon County from Germany in the 1700s.

Feeling nostalgic? You can look through sign-in / family ledgers from early reunions or photos taken at more recent reunions.