The Family of Friedrich ‘Fritz’ Epgert

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Friedrich ‘Fritz’ Epgert (aka Frantz Epgardt and Frederich Apkert)
The following order of children born to Fritz Epgert and his wives as determined by German church records, ages of their children and presumed children, and grandchildren, dates of property acquisitions, and Hunterdon County church records. The exact birthdates of Herbert, John Peter, Heinrich, Jacob, William, Frederick, and Conrad are known and it is believed that George was perhaps the youngest.

Children by first marriage, in the state of Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany:
1. Johannes Herbertus, died in infancy
2. Herbert, b. 14 September 1731
3. John Peter, b. 1735
4. Eva Elisabetha, died in infancy

Children by second marriage, in the United States:
5. Johannes Adam, b. circa 1741
6. Maria Sophia, b. circa 1741
7. Catharine, b. circa 1743
8. Heinrich, b. 1745
9. Jacob, b. 18 July 1746
10. Peter, b. circa 1747
11. William, b. 1752
12. Frederick, b. 7 October 1753
13. Conrad, b. 3 January 1755
14. George