Association Mission

The mission of the Apgar Family Association is simply to inform and educate our members on the history of the Apgar family. This includes where they came from, where they settled, the role they played in the history of their new homeland and on how that diverse homeland changed their family traditions. Our education programs take many forms.

An annual newsletter is prepared by volunteers and is sent out to the members and some designated historical associations. Information on the events of that year are highlighted and include reports on the meetings of the trustees; the annual reunion; the report from the Historian on births, deaths, and marriages of members; and any relevant news. The newsletter is free to members, and is available at a nominal cost to anyone else. For details, check out the Newsletter page.

A Reunion is held each year, usually on the third weekend of September, at an appropriate location in the vicinity of where the Apgar family first settled in Hunterdon County, NJ. The program for the reunion is developed by the trustees along with whatever members are interested in lending a helping hand, keeping in mind the mission of the Association.

Membership in the association is open to any descendant of Friedrich ‘Fritz’ Epgert, anyone married to a descendant, or anyone adopted by a descendant. In addition to receiving a copy of the newsletter and a written invitation to the reunion, members 18 years of age and older also have the right to vote at the business meeting. There are currently two types of memberships: Individual and Family, all of whom must live under one roof. See our Membership page for full details.