Epgert Found

Encouraged by this confirmation that our namesake’s town still existed, I resumed my search with new enthusiasm and, after a few more tips from local residents, found the pair of yellow German roadsigns that announce the start and end of all German towns. The two roadsigns were close enough so that I could see both of them from the same osition. But, there they were, solid proof that the one-road town of Epgert was still there.

Hardly the “jewel in the crown”, but I had found Epgert and successfully completed my search for all six German towns in which Johannes might have lived. I have not contributed much to ancestral research, which can only be done by a genealogical professional, but I did confirm that the villages still exist, with all the charm of 300 years ago. And, it is possible I walked down the same streets that Johannes might have walked to school and to work!

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A modern church and cemetery in Neiderwambach, where Epgert records date back to 1698.