Album Finds New Home


This album was found in 2007 in an Adirondack Camp called the Owls Nest, which is located off 4 H road in North River, NY. The cabin was built in 1930.

Since posting this over four years ago, no one has claimed ownership. Shortly it will be on it's way to the Hunterdon County Historical Society in Flemington NJ, where it will be maintained in it's manuscript collection.

Inside cover has the following:
Christmas Present 1894 by

Annetta Salter Irene Apgar
Annie Burrell (w/o George Tiger (
Fannie Farley Elizabeth F Farley (1st w/o
Blanche Philhower ( Grace Cox
Charles P Farley ( William Crampton
Charles W Alpaugh Harry Alpaugh
Manches Alpaugh Eli Burrell
Clarence Farley Jacob Lindabury
Ira Apgar ( Charles Philhower (
Joseph C Alpaugh Austin Apgar
Ezra Sambert Alva Sambert
Melancthon Lambert Irvin Cox
Ellen Apgar Orlando Apgar

We've identified a handful of them and there are other possible connections based on our published genealogy. If there is a family connection with these individuals, it doesn't appear to be an Apgar one. Possibilities:

  • Annette Salter could be the wife of Oakley P Philhower and mother of Clell Philhower and Ellis Phillhower, both of whom married Apgars. Clell married Lydia J Philhower ( and his brother Ellis was the first husband of Mary Alice Cregar (
  • There are two possibilities for Irene Apgar: Irene a/k/a Rena (, b. 1869, and Irene (, b. 1866.
  • Austin Apgar could be Austin C. Apgar (, b. 1865
  • Ellen is not a common given name in the Apgar family, although there are a large number of Apgar women with Ellen as their middle name. The only Ellen Apgar documented was born in 1884 (, making her only 10 when this gift was given.
  • Orlando is also not a common given name. But Ellen did have a brother, Orlando T B Apgar ( who was born in 1887. I have to wonder if the true giver of the gift weren't their parents, Melvin Luther Apgar and Anna E Beam, who decided to list their children instead of themselves.

Where names were written on the back of the photo, they have been listed in the slide show. Click on the Album Cover to start the slide show.

    Possible Apgar connections in photos:
  • Page 20: Jennie Plum, Silverthorne, NJ, Nov 1895, Age 15. Possibly Jennie Plum (, b. 1880
  • Page 21: Harvey Apgar, High Bridge, NJ, Nov 1895. Possibly Harvey Apgar (, b. 1874, or Isaac Harvey Apgar (, b. 1872
  • Page 30: Miss Carrie Hoffman, Cokesbury, NJ, Feb 11, 1894. Possibly Carrie Hoffman, b. 1876, 2nd w/o Sanford Groendyke (

To see the pictures inside, click on the image of the album's front cover below.

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Mary Donnellan via Wayne Apgar
Album exterior